I am a PhD student working with Benjamin Morillon at the Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes (Marseille, France). My PhD project aims to investigate the influence of one's musical background on their perception of music. For this, I model listener's expectations with artificial neural networks and track their influence on neural (sEEG, MEG) and behavioral response to music.

Musical predictions modeled with recurrent neural networks

On the left, the actual notes are displayed (Chopin, Op.10 No.1, interpreted by Vital Stahievitch). On the right, the model's predictions (probability of occurence of each note) are color coded (back: p=0, white: p=1).

Ongoing online experiment

The best way to support a scientist is to participate in their experiment !
I am currently running a short online experiment (< 15 min) in which you can listen to piano pieces and give your opinion on them. If you wish to participate, click here (english version) or here (french version).

Previous projects

Auditory hemispheric asymmetry as a specialization for actions and objects, BiorXiv 2023 👇

By Robert, Zatorre, Gupta, Sein, Anton, Belin, Thoret & Morillon